Beauty Essentials Makeup Brush Set Makeup Tool Kit Foundation Foundation Powder Blush Eyeshadow Brush Face Case For Brush 12PCS

Beauty Essentials Makeup Brush Set Makeup Tool Kit Foundation Foundation Powder Blush Eyeshadow Brush Face Case For Brush 12PCS
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Dear friend, this suit contains:

ARTISCARE beauty eye essential oil 30ml X 3PCS, Value:$25

ARTISCARE tea tree essential oil 10ml X 1PC(gift), Value:$7.5

Artiscare · compound essential oil
All-effect for eye detoxification

Compositions: chamomile, juniper, grapefruit, rose and juniper.

Function: fade under-eye puffiness and dark circles caused by sleep and fatigue. Discharge tissue fluid and tighten skin around eyes.

Usage: apply morning and evening to skin around eyes and massage skin till absorbing essential oil. Blend it with eyes cream. massage the skin around eyes.
Main effects
Boost blood circulation of the skin around eyes
Lift and tighten skin around eyes
Stimulate skin around eyes to produce collagen; activate cells; increase blood circulation of the skin around eyes. Lift and tighten skin around eyes. Relieve wrinkles around eyes, under-eye puffiness and dark circles.
Tips: A drop into a eye. Do not overdose.
The eyes are the window of the soul
What casts a shadow over your soul?
Popularize the problems of eyes, Which one do you belong to?
The following situation can make dark circles, under-eye puffiness, dropsy and wrinkles appear.
Collage flows away with age.
Staring at TV screen fro long time.
Always stay-up.
Use inferior make ups.
Age relies on skin around canthus
Actual age+ eyes dropsy 3 years + dark circles 5 years + dry wrinkles + …= how old?
wrinkles around eyes
under-eye puffiness
dark circles
eyes dropsy
fat granule
dark and dry skin
Artiscare all-effect for eye detoxification
Repair all kinds of problems of skin around eyes
Moisturize skin around eyes to
make your eyes bright and charming

Artiscare all-effect for eye detoxification, molecules of essentials directly infiltrate the skin to increase blood circulation around eyes and eliminate eyes dropsy and metabolism. meanwhile, it can keep skin hydrated to prevent wrinkles, moisturize skin around eyes and prevent ageing.

1. Eliminate eyes dropsy
2. Eliminate wrinkles around eyes and under-eye puffiness
3. Eliminate dark circles
10-year classical formula developed
by famous aromatherapist

Artiscare all-effect for eye detoxification compound essential oil
contains 5 plant essences, 100% Extracted from Nature.
Juniperberry essential oil
bowel detoxification, dropsy-removing.
Grapefruit essential oil
stimulate lymph gland and boost detoxification.
Rose essential oil
moisturize skin; fade dark circles and prevent wrinkles around eyes.
Geranium essential oil    
cleanse skin and shrink pores.
Chamomile essential oil
Moisturize skin and increase skin immunity.
The origin of skin-care makes people pursue for all lifetime
Delicate care, make eyes bigger, brighter and younger.
The favorite of bright eyes is Artiscare all-effect for eye detoxification compound essential oil
Artiscare all-effect for eye detoxification compound essential oil contains natural plant essences. Through massaging, the molecules of essential oil can quickly infiltrate skin to achieve aims of heat-clearing and detoxicating, removing under-eye puffiness and dark circles and restore bright eyes.
Strong infiltration
Cell regeneration
Chemosynthesis of molecules
Boost blood circulation
Rich nutrition
Restore vitality
Restore beautiful eyes
Main effects
Moisturize skin, keep skin hydrated, Anti-wrinkles    
100% natural plant essences. Strong ability to store water. Increase natural ability to repair skin. Keep skin hydrated for long time. Eliminate wrinkles to attract others.
Eliminate dark and ageing skin, smooth skin
Boost blood circulation of cells, repair flabby and dark skin and fade wrinkles. 
Restrain melanin, whiten skin and fade spots    
Rich in active collagens, which can increase skin elasticity, brighten skin, whiten skin, and increase circulation to fade metabolism.
Eliminate dropsy, under-eye puffiness and dark circles
Molecules of essential oil directly infiltrates the bottom layer of skin to add nutrition for cells, restrain pigmentation, increase micro circulation and eliminate under-eye puffiness and dark circles. 
Application Illustration
1. Use finger pulp to separate eyelids, apply essential oil onto skin around eyes to increase infiltration.
2. Use the temperature of wrist to gently press rim of eyes for 1 minute. It can increase the infiltration of essential oil.
3. Use ring finger to press parts under the eyebrows.
4. Gently press pupil.
5. Move center to the head of eyes
7. Gently press temple, It is the last manipulation of massage.
6. Use thumb to gently press each side of the bridge of the nose to relieve stress.
Artiscare · all-effect for eye detoxification
compound essential oil product details

To pursue high-quality essential oil, Artiscare makes every effort to pay attention to every detail, from the packing materials to the finished products.
The bottles of essential oil adopt China Pharmaceutical Grade (YB) Standard.
Each Artiscare essential oil adopts the bottle material which can meet the standard of China Pharmaceutical Grade (YB). As the best choice for preserving high-end essential oil, the "YB" bottle has stronger corrosion resistance and can well preserve essential oil to avoid taking place qualitative change.
Adopt Germany original bottle caps and corks.
Germany original bottle caps enjoy the best airtightness and can well preserve the quality of essential oil to avoid volatilization; meanwhile, the corks can accurately control the flow velocity of essential oil to make sure that every drip will not be wasted.